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Helping Families be families for 25 years

For 25 years Calgary Family Mediation has been assisting families in finding solutions to their many diverse issues, be they marital separation, mediation, and change management.

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Calgary Family Mediation: Serving Calgarians for 25 Years


Shannon St. Pierre is a Full Clinical Family Therapist with supervisory status, a chartered psychologist, and a Registered Family Mediator.

Family Traditions

The most meaningful gift you can give your children during the holidays is time, says Dr. Shannon St. Pierre, clinical family therapist and mother of five. Better yet, if time is spent engaged in family rituals, it goes a long way in building family cohesiveness.

What is family therapy?

Couple therapy is designed to build good feelings between the two parties. A solid-relationship-foundation, built on the following elements, can do much to restore good feelings between the couple. This foundation would consist of feelings of trust, emotional security, love and intimacy and protection.


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Family Traditions: Meaningful Gifts

Christmas is a time for giving — not just presents,
by Sherry Butt (Calgary Sun), December 5th 1998
The most meaningful gift you can give your children during the holidays is time, […]

Different kinda love story

Different kinda love story
by Susan Booker (Calgary Sun)  on February 10, 2002
With Valentine’s Day creeping up, a light blinked on in this columnist’s weathered brain.
“Let’s help readers who are splitting […]

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