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Family Traditions: Meaningful Gifts

Christmas is a time for giving — not just presents, by Sherry Butt (Calgary Sun), December 5th 1998 The most meaningful gift you can give your children during the holidays is time, says Dr. Shannon St. Pierre, clinical family therapist and mother of five. Better yet, if time is spent engaged in family rituals, it […]

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Different kinda love story

  Different kinda love story by Susan Booker (Calgary Sun) ¬†on February 10, 2002 With Valentine’s Day creeping up, a light blinked on in this columnist’s weathered brain. “Let’s help readers who are splitting up,” it flashed. “Let’s sit down with a seasoned professional and get some great tips on having a good divorce!” It […]

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Therapists busy with blues

Therapists busy with blues by Andy Marshall (Calgary Herald) on December 28, 1995 Holidays depressing and lonely for many, say psychologists. Consulting your therapist on Boxing Day isn’t just for the very rich and the very fmaous — like Princess Diana in England. At least one Calgary psychologist was taking calls the day after Christmas, […]

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