What is Family Therapy?

Shannon St Pierre is a true couple’s therapist. She believes in marriage and will believe in your marriage as you work through your difficulties. She will help you rekindle your belief in your marriage and in each other.

Couple therapy is designed to build good feelings between the two parties. A solid-relationship-foundation, built on the following elements, can do much to restore good feelings between the couple. This foundation would consist of feelings of trust, emotional security, love and intimacy and protection.

A strong foundation enables the couple to re-connect and get to know each other in new ways. Small things are very important such as how you talk to each other and how you look at each other (Gottman). In the sessions, successes are used to build other success from. Each time a couple experiences good feelings, something can be learned which can be taken into the relationship as one means of making each other feel loved and fulfilled.